Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week 5 Discovery

We had a talk about what we know already
There are lots of different jobs in our community, like roofing companies - Riley P
People that help us - said Tessa
There are people that you see each day - Libby
There are people that love us - Ella
There are houses and streets in our community - Liam
The people in your neighbourhood - Madi C
The Church is part of our community - Alexandra
The school is part of our community - Paloma
We are part of our community - Noah

For our Discovery, we:
Cared for other people
Treated other people with respect
Shared the equipment with other people
Walked when we were inside. 
Created things for our community
Visited Mr Hey's truck - he works in our community. 

We had so much fun!  Look at this truck driver!

This is what the back of the truck looked like - it was so much fun having a run around in the back of a truck! We found a box of....BANANAS!

We also erected a tent in discovery! Can you see the campfire at the front? Some people in our community like to go camping. We learnt how to put the tent together, and take it down carefully. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Week 3 Term 4 2014

For our discovery/inquiry/RE this week, it rained!! It was also very windy, so we had community discovery in our own rooms. 

In 6a and 6b we were...
  • Using our kind words to solve problems. 
  • To share our equipment. 
  • Create things that are in our community. 
  • Create things that we DO in our community
This week, we had a surgical team! They helped someone who was not well. We also had a bank, complete with homemade coins and banking slips. Lily created a community newspaper for us and Carter was busy being the Mayor of Upper Hutt. He made some rules like, "No TV." Our cafe workers didn't have their tea set today, so they created their own cafe. Fae and Mrudula were busy looking after babies and Callum and Douglas created an amazing train track!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Week 2 Term 4 2014

Week 2 Term 4 2014

For our discovery/inquiry/RE this week, the Junior Syndicate were learning to...

  • Using our kind words to solve problems. 
  • To share our equipment. 
  • Create things that are in our community. 
  • Create things that we DO in our community.
We had so much fun! You will be able to see some of our photos if you have a look below...
Next week, we are going to bring our milk bottle lids, that we can use for money for our amazing cafe!

Look at this amazing construction site! They are building a tunnel. 

Here is a special prayer area in our community. 

Look at the busy cafe - they were serving lots of treats!

Mmm some tasty rose soup for sale for $2.50!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Week 1 Term 4

This week, we have started learning about our COMMUNITY! Today, we had an amazing Junior Syndicate discovery. 
We were learning to:

  • Share our equipment.
  • Use our words to problem solve. 
  • Show our learning about our community and neighbourhood. 

We made...towers for builders, an entire airport with planes and helicopters, an amazing house with a bbq area, roads leading to a city, a farm, a zoo and even a car park, soup and rasberry drink for sick people and some cardboard models of our school. This was only the start of it! We love learning in different ways in the Junior Syndicate! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Juniors have been VERY busy! By Room 6a and 6b

This term, we have been doing a lot of learning and also having some fun. 
This is what we have been up to, by Room 6a and Room 6b:

  • Some of our writers, have been doing great and awesome narratives. 
  • We have been learning different languages, like Samoan, Romanian and Te Reo Maori.
  • We know even more ways to say Hello, like in Filipino, Dutch, Spanish, Irish, French, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Australian, Mandarin and Japanese. 
  • We had Malo, she is Phoenix, Lachie, Mollie and Sophie's Nan. She taught us Samoan and our song.
  • Alexandra's Nanna taught us a Romanian song and dance. 
  • We have really good goals for maths. "My goal was teen facts, it's easy now!" said Riley P. "My maths goal used to be counting in 5's and now I know it!" said Paloma. "I found the 2 x table really hard, then I got it," said Nisharn. "I used to not know how to count in 5's, but now I do," said Tessa.
  • "We did Samoan art, we made a Siapo cloth," said Iosefo. "I know the colours of the Siapo Cloth," said Mefi, "they are brown and black."
  • "Mrs Hainsworth came to RE one day and taught us a song called Welcome to the Family," said Liam.
  • "We made birds from the Phillipines," said Matthew. "They were Sarimanok birds," said Yechiel.
  • "We made Frangipani from Samoa," said Lucas. In Samoan, we call these Pua.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our Cultural Performances and Art

Wow we have been busy this term! We have been learning about our own cultures, our family culture, our school cultures and where our families are from. We have also been learning about the different cultures in our class, through art and performance. 

We hope you all join us on Monday 15th September for our evening Cultural Performance! We will be sharing singing and dancing from several different cultures!

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the awesome art we have been creating:

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

St Brendan's Feast Day & Grandparent's Day

This coming Friday, we have our St Brendan's and Grandparents Feast day Mass. This will be held in the chapel at St Patrick's College Silverstream at 11:45am. Grandparents and families are welcome to come back to the school hall following the Mass for a light luncheon. Students are welcome to join their families, but must bring their own lunchbox for their lunch. We look forward to seeing you then!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Welcome back!

A warm welcome back to everyone in the Junior Syndicate for Term 2. We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to an exciting new term. We would like to welcome Katie, Ethan, Maddix, Amelia, Madison, Ariel and Madeline and their families to school. We hope you have a wonderful time here with us at St Brendan's!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A warm welcome to our Junior Syndicate 2014!

A new year is here! A warm welcome back to everyone in the Junior Syndicate for this year and to all our new students and their families! We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to an exciting new term.

This year the Junior Classes in Term 1 are as follows:
Room 1 - New Entrants (Mrs Jones & Mrs Vulu)
Room 2 - Year 1 (Mrs Hey)
Room 6a  - Year 2 (Miss Kennedy)
Room 6b - Year 2 (Mrs Causer)