Saturday, 16 May 2015

Topic Discovery Last Friday

As I was putting our AMAZING new murals on the wall on Friday I remembered these great photos from last week.  I set the children the Discovery challenge of building and creating natural features from in and around the Hutt Valley.  After the initial bus and building, the children really took it on board and created some amazing things.  Above you can see tree's, rivers, flowers and even a box bird.
This is all part of our topic/discovery topic which is based around Natural features in the Hutt Valley.  This coming week we are going to compare our two Murals (one of the Hutt Valley a long time ago and the other the Hutt Valley now) and ask ourselves what has changed, why has it changed and SO WHAT?
A big thanks to Room 2 who's fabulous mural was our inspiration.

Crazy Hat day photos

Friday 15 May
Look at all these wonderful hats.  We got a chance at Junior Assembly, in Room 6, to show them off.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Our Trip to Barton's Bush

What a great trip to the Park we had a few weeks ago.
Thanks once again to the lovely parents who joined us.

Maths in room 1 this week

Bernard's Visit to St Brendan's

Tuesday 12 May

We had a wonderful show with Bernard this morning.
He taught us a lot about having Courage and showing Resilience.

St Brendan's Feast Day Mass

Friday  15 May
Wow!  What a lot of rain we have had!!!
Hope you are all safe and dry this morning.

What a FANTASTIC Feast day Mass yesterday.

Congratulations to the children who were Baptised yesterday.
We all enjoyed sharing your Day with you and your families.