Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I can Read - Responding to our Poem.

Last week our shared poem was called" I can read."  It was all about being able to read road signs.  The poem finished with " And the best sign to read is Ice cream shop".
We drove our pretend car to Mrs Causers ice cream shop.  At the ice cream shop we got to make our own ice cream cones and eat them. 

A Little Visitor in room 6

A big THANK YOU to Jake and his Mum for sharing their lovely kitten with us. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

A NEW Exploration Station in Room 6

All our Butterflies have gone.  So we needed to come up with an idea for a new Exploration Station.
Come in and see what our new station is. 
Here are some clues.  
(We had a fantastic day with it yesterday!!!)

Numbers to 10 in Room 6

We have been looking at numbers to 10.
We have been learning to 

  • read numbers to 10
  • make numbers to 10
  • and order numbers to 10.
Thanks to all the Parents and friends who have helped us work on these Maths goals at home .

Our Poem - FACES

Our Shared Poem last week was called FACES.  We did lots of talking about how things make us feel.  We also practiced different faces. 
Can you guess how we are feeling?

Responding to Reading - The Present

Last week we read a story called " The present".  We decided to use the boxes to make presents for our family and wrap them up.
We had lots of fun with brown paper and sellotape.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Look at the great writing in Room 6

We have all achieved our first writing goals of being able to plan our story with a picture and being able to talk about our picture.

Come in to room 6 and see the rest of our great writing

Room 6 Visits the Bee Healthy Dental Van

On Friday Room 6 went to the Bee Healthy Dental Van.  We went to check it out before we are called up to visit next week. Next week we will be having our teeth checked and counted.